she is . . .






she is beauty reclaimed.

SHE SESSIONS give women a moment to step back, breath deeply, and celebrate all that they are.

Beauty has become almost an ugly word. With so many negative connotations and strict standards, it's easy to forget all the things that truly make us beautiful as women: our resourcefulness, humor, strength, kindness, creativity, etc. SHE sessions invite you to step out of the every day grind and honor everything that you are. Heal and delight your soul. Give those pretty dresses some love. Commune with nature. Recenter yourself.

I know it can be scary to put yourself out in front of the camera. But you're in good hands! We'll laugh, we'll enjoy nature, and I'll help you feel at ease.

I know it can be easy to put yourself last. But you are deserving of something special! You are amazing and have such a powerful purpose on this planet. Why not rejuvenate yourself so you can be the best you can be?

session fee : $50

digital images : start at $99

You get to purchase digital images after the session, so you're not locked into anything. If you don't like the pictures, you don't have to keep anything.

Email me to start setting up your session or to ask a question: