The planning guide covers . . .

What you need to do to prepare baby before you come to the studio for best results.

What to wear.

The location of the studio (listed at the bottom of the page).

Lots of helpful tips and tricks!

3 steps to sweet pictures

1. If possible, keep baby awake for 1 to 2 hours before the session -- a bath is the best way to do this, and also helps remove flaky skin. Allowing baby to be naked, doing frequent diaper checks (you don't actually have to change the diaper), or doing something that you know stimulates your baby. However, don't let baby become stressed -- a little fussing is ok, but there's no need to upset the baby to the point where they're crying.

2. Have baby naked in just a diaper in the car seat so we don't have to disturb them with getting them undressed at the session. Tuck a blanket around them or put tissues under the straps.

3. Arrive 20 to 30 minutes early to feed baby -- it's very important for the baby to be well fed before the session. There is a lobby available (location below) if you don't want to be in your car. If baby finished eating before the session begins, keep holding baby, as this will help them get into a deep sleep, rather than being in their car seat.

about pacifiers

If baby takes a pacifier, be sure to bring it to the session. If baby does not take a pacifier, mom may need to nurse baby while he/she is "in position" in a pose to help baby settle.


If you prefer a nursing cover or use a nursing pillow, or if baby is formula fed, be sure to bring any supplies needed for feeding, as feeding will help soothe baby back to sleep during the session. Most babies snack at least once during a mini session, and at least twice during a full session -- if using formula, bring more than you think you think you'll need, just to be safe.

Baby might sleep, or might be awake. Either is fine. Keeping the baby awake for 1 to 2 hours before the session can help increase the chances of a sleepy baby, but ultimately your newborn will be calling the shots to do things his or her way.

The session is baby led, so if baby doesn't like a pose, we skip it and move on. Not every baby liked all poses, so there is no guarantee of having any particular pose.

The room is kept very warm for baby, about 75 to 80 degrees, so baby can be naked without getting chilled.

Care is take to always keep baby safe, and keep baby's neck supported.

Most babies will poop, pee, or spit up on some of my stuff at least once during the session -- this is no problem, I go home and put everything in the wash.

If siblings will be in the pictures (NOTE: siblings are NOT included with the BABY ONLY BASIC SESSION), depending on the baby's mood, we may do pictures with siblings and baby first, or we might wait until later in the session.

If siblings are 1 to 6 years old, it may not be possible to have them safely hold baby if they don't want to hold baby or don't want to sit still.

All efforts will be made to photograph siblings together, but if older siblings aren't interested in taking pictures, it may not be possible to get a picture during the allotted time.

Once siblings are done with pictures, they're free to go! They can either roam the building with dad or grandma, or someone can take them back home or to school.

clothing for siblings

Sibling pictures are typically done on an off-white fur rug. Whites and creams work well, boys can also be shirtless in just jeans, girls can be in a white top or dress, with or without texture. Print should be avoided.

NOTE: family pictures are NOT included with the BABY ONLY BASIC SESSION.

For newborn sessions, simple is best. We want to focus to be on the beauty of the new baby. Simple button up shirts, blouses, dark jeans, and casual dresses are great options.

COLORS: Black or cream are an easy go-to option, but any other neutrals without print also work very well for pictures. You will be on either a gray backdrop or white backdrop.

If you would like to have me look over your outfit choices, feel free to email me some things you've pulled.


I provide all needed props for the session. A wide variety of headbands, hats, bonnets, rompers, pants, fur blankets, etc. are available in most colors. About 90% of props shown on my website and facebook are currently available for use. If there is a prop you love that you've seen in one of my pictures, please let be know a day or two before your session so I can be sure it's ready to go and not in the wash at the time of your session. If there's a color for a hat or outfit you'd like in your session, but haven't seen it on my website, let me know at least 2 weeks before your session so I can get a custom color in for you if possible.

If you have any sentimental items to incorporate into the session, please limit them to 1 to 2, as that's usually all there is time to do.

Please be aware that the amount of pinterest inspired pictures I can do is limited. In order to provide you with the best images possible, I've developed my own flow for the session that has a step-by-step pattern to keep baby as happy as possible and give you a gallery that reflects what you see on my website. It's usually not possible to do Pinterest pictures, as they typically require a different flow or a different studio set up to what I currently use. If you'd like to try to do 1 or 2 things that you've seen on Pinterest, please check with me before the session to see what is possible.

A better option is to go directly to my website and look for images that you like. You can show these to me, either via email or at your session, and there's a much better chance that I'll be able to get what you're looking for.


• passie / soother if preferred
• receiving blankets
• clothes for baby to wear after the session
• diapers
• wipes
• bottle if baby takes one
• any outfits or special mementos/nursery decor
• lotion
• burp cloths


• books, games, toys, coloring books, etc.
• snacks or a meal if near lunch or dinner
• drinks
• an outfit that is neutral colors with no pattern (white, black, gray, navy, beige, or brown). Have jeans for boys and a dress or leggings for girls, simple neutral tops for both.
• any additional outfits


• food, drinks
• white, black, or skin tone shirts, either t-shirt or tank top for mom.
• books, magazines, or a movie
• keys!
• phone!

ADDRESS: 1060 N Capitol Ave. PLEASE HAVE A SEAT IN THE LOBBY and let me know you've arrived (my number is 260-418-1110, you can call or text). I'll come down to get you when it's time for your session; my room is on the 3rd floor and not easy to find, so please don't wonder the building or I may not be able to find you or direct you back to an exit.

PARKING: Is along Capitol, 11th, and Senate. All parking is metered. There is no lot parking; you will be towed if you use a private lot.

THE MAIN DOOR TO THE LOBBY is located on Capitol, close to the north corner (away for downtown, towards the highway). The main door is circled in red in the picture above; it says STUTZ in gold letters and has an Indiana flag above the door.