"when should i book my newborn session?"

if you're still pregnant . . .

Contact me to schedule your newborn session when you are 3 to 6 months along. This might seem weird -- how can you book a date before the baby is born if you don't even know for sure when he'll arrive? Shouldn't you just wait and see?

That's actually not the best plan. My schedule fills up quickly in advance, so if you wait until after the baby is born, you may not have the full range of options available. Since we don't know the exact date that you will have the baby, what I do is hold space for you around the time of your due date. Once the baby is born, just contact me to let me know. We will then pick an exact date and time for the session. The session will be held by default in my newborn studio. If you are interested in an in-home session, please let me know so I can go over the options with you.

By booking your newborn session in advance, you are guaranteed:

  • that you will be able to do pictures as soon as 5 days after birth (the average age is 10 to 14 days).
  • that you will be able to book the exact session length you want.

if you've already had your baby . . . don't worry!

Newborn pictures are still very possible! It's totally fine if you didn't realize that you could book early. I can get you into the studio 1 to 3 weeks from today! And, unlike a lot of Indianapolis newborn photographers I'm skilled in working with (and love working with) older babies. Most newborn photographers won't take babies that are older than 10 days. I'm not really sure why. I think there's a myth that "old" newborns won't cooperate or can't be posed. Which is definitely not the case! Every newborn is precious and every parent deserves beautiful pictures of their baby. Older babies may not be able to do quite all of the poses that a week old baby can. But there will still be many adorable setups that work with an older newborn.

NOTE: due to scheduling, if your baby is already here, I may only have room in my schedule for a 1 hour slot, or may not have room for a longer session for a few weeks out.

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