"what happens if my baby is born early or late?"

The nature of giving birth is that it can be very unpredictable! Babies can be born early, or miss their due dates to hang out in momma's womb for a while longer. Most babies are born a week or two before or after the 40 week mark.

As a newborn photographer, I definitely take that into consideration when making my schedule. I only take a certain number of advanced newborn bookings per month. That way, there's always room for you to come into the newborn studio for your session, even your baby decides to completely ignore his or her due date.

definitely go ahead and book your newborn session now while you're still pregnant

Rather than booking a date, you book a window around your due date. That way you're guaranteed that I'll have room in my schedule after your baby is born. If you wait to contact me until after the baby is born, it's very possible that there might not be room in my schedule until your baby is several weeks old. Plus, it's one less thing to worry about right after you have the baby!

the biggest perk of booking your newborn session in advance is that you get to focus all your love and attention on your new baby after the birth

The last thing you want to be doing during those first few precious weeks of bonding is search for a newborn photographer. It feels great to have as much squared away as possible before birth! When you book in advance, all you have to do is send an email or text my way to let me know that the baby is born, and pick out a date to come in. I'll have already answered all your questions. You'll also get a newborn session prep guide when you book, so you'll already know what to wear, what to bring, and how to prepare baby. There won't be the stress of trying to figure everything out for your session while you take care of a new baby. It will just be easy and fun!

book your newborn session

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