So you’ve found you’re way here because you want to find the best Indianapolis newborn photographer.

The truth is, there is no one best newborn photographer in Indianapolis. There’s only the best newborn photographer for you.

No two Indianapolis newborn photographers are the same. Each and every one have different styles, different client experiences, different levels of skill. You want to find the newborn photographer you can fall in love with! Ang who helps YOU fall even more in love with your new baby. Someone who gives you images that help you savor this special time even more deeply. That’s my approach, at least! I want every mom to walk away feeling like my newborn photographs brought even more joy and magic into this precious time in her life.

Full disclosure — yes, I am an Indianapolis newborn photographer myself (I love being a part of such a special time in my clients’ lives!). But this guide is NOT here to try to convince you that I am the best Indianapolis newborn photographer. I’m definitely not right for everyone. The things that make my photography someone’s dream could very easily make my pictures be someone else’s nightmare!

I simply want to use my 7+ years inside the photography industry to help you find the best photographer for you. I’ve heard so many stories of heartbreak from clients who had a bad experience with another photographer, and I want to help each and every person who comes my way avoid heartbreak.

My top priority as a photographer is to serve YOU — I want YOU to be satisfied, and have an experience that you are totally smitten with. No matter where you go to find the perfect Indianapolis newborn photographer, I’m just happy to help you make sure you have the best experience possible.

So what should you be looking for as you search for the best Indianapolis newborn photographer for you?

This guide will give you all the “insider knowledge” so you can pick an awesome newborn photographer for you.

I’ve split this up into two separate sections.

IN SECTION 1 I’ll explain the “THE 3 S’s” — style, safety, and services — so you know what to look for on a photographer’s website, and also know what to ask them when you get in touch.

IN SECTION 2 I’ll explain the pricing for Indianapolis newborn photographers. It can vary widely! I’ll let you in on what you actually get for the price.

To find the best Indianapolis newborn photographer for you, you’ll want to consider “THE 3 S’s”:



and safety.

Style actually breaks down into two sections. It’s both the actual style and look of the images, and also the photographer’s style of communication. Both are important to consider when choosing a photographer that is best for you.


Every newborn photographer in Indianapolis has their own style. It is important for you to understand is that the style that is displayed on the photographer’s website and Facebook page is exactly the style your newborn photographs will have.


If you go to a newborn photographer because a friend highly recommended them, or based solely on price, you can’t expect to have a different style of images than the ones the photographer already displays.

If you love simple, clean images on neutral backgrounds, but the newborn photographer you’re considering has lots of deep, moody colors on her website, your images will not magically be different. You will get deep, dark, moody images too — and you’ll probably hate them.

If you love ruffles and lace and a vintage look, don’t book a newborn photographer who has lots of primary colors, polka-dots, chevron, and headbands with big bows on her website. She won’t have the props you want, and your images will be modern rather than vintage.

To pick the best Indianapolis newborn photographer for you, it’s essential that you already love the images on her website. You can see yourself in her pictures. You can see her pictures on your walls or on your desk. The colors in her portfolio images go well with your home and don’t clash with your decor style and tastes.


The second part of STYLE is communication style — personality.

You might not think personality has much to do with the outcome of your images, but if you and your family are intending to spend any time in front of the camera either for maternity pictures or during the newborn session, it’s very important that you get along with your newborn photographer.

Why is your newborn photographer's personality so important?

Because if you’re not comfortable with her, it will show in your images. You won’t feel like yourself — and then you won’t LOOK like yourself. Or something will just feel off that you can’t put your finger on.


Start on her website. Check out her “about me” page. See if she sounds like someone you would be comfortable with, someone who expresses their thoughts a lot like you do.

If you’re sarcastic and love to laugh, chances are you’ll hit it off with her if she talks that way on her website!

Of course, it’s never easy to be 100% sure about tone from written words. Whenever possible, take a few moments to chat with your prospective newborn photographer on the phone or ask to meet up in person before you book.

If you get along best with people who are chatty and effervescent, chances are you might feel awkward with a photographer who was more zen and quiet. Or the opposite could be true for you — maybe you really need someone who is not too talkative in order to feel comfortable.

It’s also REALLY important to consider her personality if you have siblings who will be in the pictures. Make sure her style of communication is one that you will be comfortable with her using towards your children. You want a photographer who uses a friendly, engaging tone with children, not a stern or threatening one.

Again, going off of a recommendation from a friend or by price won’t be enough to make sure you get the type of services you want from your newborn photographer.

If you friend loves prints, buts hates making them herself, she probably went to a photographer who had specialized print services. If you love DIY and want the digital images with printing rights, then your friend’s newborn photographer won’t be a good fit for you.

And of course the opposite is true! If you really love having someone do all your prints for you, as well as someone to give you access to pro-only products, then don’t choose a photographer who only mentions digital images or disks/USB drives on her website. She most likely won’t have the access to pro-only labs or the expertise in place to provide you with the print services that you need. Make sure you choose a photographer that does advertise prints (bonus points if she demonstrates that she has an eye for putting together beautiful albums or wall displays!).

Again, what you see on the website is what you get.

Make sure that the newborn photographer you choose offers the services you want so you don’t end up disappointed.

This is the most important of the three S’s when trying to find the best Indianapolis newborn photographer for you.

Unfortunately this information might be a little scary to read. But it’s important that you know about the risks of what can happen if newborn photograph is not done correctly.


SUFFOCATION — babies will not be able to get enough air and will turn blue and begin to suffocate if their neck is being pushed forward towards their chest. This causes pressure to be put on their neck and airways, restricting the flow of oxygen. This can happen in a lot of newborn poses, even when a baby is just laying on their back and have their head tilted up too far. It can also happen if a baby is swaddled too tightly or has a bonnet tied too tightly under its chin.

FALLING — babies are typically posed on a puck style beanbag or on a cushioned table top. Without the right support, the can fall.

IT IS VITAL TO KNOW THAT any pictures you see of a newborn . . .

-on a shelf
-on a tree branch
-in a baby carriage
-on a swing
-on a chair
-with their head on their hands
-hanging in a wrap from a branch

are FAKE.

Unfortunately, not all photographers know this. The reality is that the baby was either added into the shot later, or it was carefully set up by taking a serious of images with someone’s hand on or near the baby at all times, and the hand was later edited out in Photoshop. But some photographers don't understand this, and will put your baby in a dangerous place where your newborn could fall, be seriously injured, or even die.

NEWBORNS GETTING SICK AND SUFFERING BRAIN DAMAGE DUE TO PHOTOGRAPHER BEING SICK — Even a small cold to an adults can be dangerous to a new baby’s immune system and can quickly progress to life-threatening severity. During a newborn session, your baby will be touched and handled for two or three hours straight. Your newborn will also be in close contact with the breath of the newborn photographer, which makes exchanging germs more likely.

GETTING TOO COLD OR TOO HOT -- newborns cannot regulate their own body temperature very well, so they need special attention to make sure the environment is right for them.

LOSING CIRCULATION IN HANDS OR FEET -- the squishy, curly poses that make newborn photography so adorable and desirable can also pose a danger to your child. If the baby is not watched closely for hands or fingers turning blue, your baby can lose circulation due their circulation system still not being well regulated.

BEING LEFT TO CRY IN A POSE FROM DISCOMFORT -- when a newborn pose is done correctly, a baby will not be in any pain or danger. However, not all babies like to be in certain positions. They may fuss a little until they get settled -- this is normal. But it's not ok for a baby to be left crying, panicking, or in distress just so a photographer can get the shot they want.


A good newborn photographer will be fully aware of all the safety concerns and will take all precautions to keep your newborn safe, comfortable, and happy. When you choose an experienced, trained photographer, newborn sessions become something very safe, and very adorable! There is no reason to worry when your newborn photographer knows how to keep your baby safe.


The average price for newborn photography in Indianapolis is $400-$600 for session and images combined. This is what you can expect to pay for an experienced photographer who will keep your newborn safe, have a well-developed style, and provide predictable results.

But what if you want to spend less? Or more?

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect at each price point.


Let me first start out by saying I am in NO WAY saying you can’t have a great experience with a lower priced photographer. Every good photographer was once at the beginning of her journey, and was charging a lot less than she does now. I was there too!

But any good photographer would admit that they made a lot of mistakes in the beginning (I know I did) — and that’s precisely why we charged so little, because we were still learning and couldn’t offer as many guarantees. However, we were all EXTREMELY grateful for anyone who did want to book with us — who could see our vision and loved what we were doing, even before it was perfected. We busted our butts to do our very best for every client. And through that effort, that CARE for our clients, we learned, grew, and honed our skill to be able to give clients a truly wonderful experience. So if you do want to support a budding newborn photographer in Indianapolis, that’s a very good thing! Find a newbie who really, truly cares about you, your pictures, and your newborn’s safety, and you won’t have a terrible experience.

Unfortunately in the budget range you do need to be extra careful. There are a lot of newborn photographers here who don’t really care about anything other than themselves. These newborn photographers only want to make what they consider a quick buck. It’s all about the money. They don’t care about you at all. They want to get you in and out. They won’t care if your images don’t turn out right. They won’t listen to your requests. And God forbid they ever lose your images because you’ll probably never hear from them or get your money back (I’ve seen this happen far too many times).


Inexperienced or uncaring photographers frequently do not know how to properly back up your images or make the images consistent to what they have on their website. Be prepared to possibly have to spend more money on another photographer if the budget photographer loses your images or randomly stops answering your calls. Also be prepared to be the guinea pig. You could be the session they decide to experiment on and this will result in you getting wildly different images than the ones displayed on their website.

So if you need to choose a budget photographer, this is where the 3 S’s REALLY come into play. If you can find a budget newborn photographer who has the Style you want, knows the rules of newborn Safety, and can guarantee their Services to a reasonable degree that is satisfactory to you, you’ve found a budget photographer who is worth her weight in gold.


Expect newborn photographers in this price range to be a mixed bag. You will have to do a lot of digging to make sure you find a budget newborn photographer who’s heart AND business practices are the right place to invest your money.

RISK: MODERATE to HIGH, depending on the skill & experience of the newborn photographer.

Be prepared for the possibility of . . .

  - losing money,
- permanently lost images,
- pictures not turning out right,
- or having to spend additional money on another photographer to fix a budget photographer’s mistakes.

To lower your risk of having a bad experience, it's really important in the budget range to ask a lot of questions and make sure your photographer does have some basic knowledge.


At this range, the price tells you a lot of really awesome things about the newborn photographer and what you can expect from her newborn photography services.

It says “I’m experienced.” She has enough sessions under her belt to know what she’s doing.

It says “my clients trust me and know that I care deeply about their wants and needs.” She has worked hard to earn the trust of her clients by going above and beyond for them since she started her business, and they will gladly pay her prices to have such an awesome experience with predictable results. Her clients feel she truly cares about them and is worth every penny.

It says “I know how to keep your images safe.” She has a system in place to back up your images in multiple places so your memories are NEVER lost. There’s nothing worse than losing the images of your newborn — you can never go back in time and get those pictures again.

It says “I have a ton of props available.” She’ll have a large prop stash, rather than a handful of things she uses over and over again. She’ll be able to style your baby to create a look that is unique to your session.

It says “I probably have a studio space.” Not all photographers in this price range have a studio, but most do. By charging more, they’re able to provide you with a studio space to utilize if you want maternity pictures done during the winter, or to use if you’re not comfortable having a photographer come to your home. They will also have a lot of professional tools for posing and photographing your newborn in their studio, so you will get better images.

It says “I have a lot of experience with newborns and I’ve probably spent time and money getting trained to pose your baby safely.” While it’s more likely that photographers in this range know about the safety procedures for posing newborns, still make sure to check with them about their experience/training if they don’t already have that information on their website.

These newborn photographers also can capture the EMOTION of your journey into parenthood.

They no longer have to think quite so hard about getting all their settings right on their camera. They’re free to focus on your story, your heart, your bliss. They’ll capture the heart and soul of who you are. They’ll create beautiful art that will thrill your soul. They’ll make you fall even more in love with your husband and family. Basically, they have a little bit of soul-magic that they’ll sprinkle into your images. If you’re sentimental, even a little, this is gonna be the type of stuff you cherish and secretly ugly-cry over for the rest of your life. The pictures these talented and skilled photographers create will be like balm to your soul — a little hug for your heart — in the future when your kids all all grown up and starting to have their own babies (eek! stop thinking about it!!).

They will also take a lot of the stress out of the newborn photography process for you.

They’ll take time with you before your session to either talk on the phone or email with you, so you know what to expect. They may also have prep guides and wardrobe guidelines to take all the guess work out for you. For instance, I provide all my clients with a visual wardrobe guide, to get them excited about putting pieces together from their wardrobe. This visual guide also lets them see tons of examples of colors and textures that photograph well. I also provide new moms with a check list in my newborn prep guide — I don’t want them to have to worry about forgetting diapers or their cellphone the morning before their newborn session!


Expect newborn photographers in this price range to be much more predictable, experienced, and able to provide you with a wonderful, heart-warming experience and extra amenities. This is also the average price you will find in Indianapolis for a skilled newborn photographer.


While you should still double check to make sure a midrange photographer definitely knows what she’s doing with newborns (for instance, she may be an experienced senior photographer who only recently decided to offer newborn photography services), you have a very good chance of having the perfect photography experience.


In this range, along with all the qualities of midrange photographers, you’re paying for extra perks.

Something like . . .

A VETERAN PHOTOGRAPHER. Someone who has been in the industry for 10+ years and has hundreds of satisfied clients OR who has extra experience and a unique perspective due to all their extra hands-on time teaching photography. A luxury Indianapolis newborn photographer might even be famous in the photography industry and have a large following on their Facebook page.

AN ELITE PHOTOGRAPHER Someone who works with Indy A-Listers and local celebrities. You’ll be in good company here.

A NICHE PRODUCT OR STYLE Someone who has a very unique look you can’t find anywhere else, or who has a luxury print line that will rock your socks off.

They will also most likely have an incredible, luxurious studio space, with props and accessories for your newborn that are unique works of art by top artisan designers.


Expect newborn photographers in this price range to be seriously awesome PLUS have some really luxurious perks that will make you feel like royalty.


These photographers are practically gurus. They’ve done enough work to be able to ask for these prices with confidence — and they have clients whose trust they have EARNED, so much so that clients willingly pay the luxury price tag.

SOMETHING TO NOTE: What prices are considered “budget” “midrange” and “luxury” will vary by location in the state of Indiana, as well as by location in the country. The cost of living will impact the price of photography services, just like every other industry.

So if you have a photographer you follow of Facebook from out of state who’s prices seem to be way off based on the quality of their work, take into consideration that they live in a different location with a different cost of living. Don’t expect to pay the same here in Indianapolis.

The newborn photography price ranges outlined in this guide are based on the cost of living in Indianapolis.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know to pick the best Indianapolis newborn photographer for you!

You now know how to find a local photographer who has the services you want, who will pose your baby safely, and who can give you your dream images. You also have a better understanding of what you will get at each price point, and why the prices of newborn photographer can vary.

If you’ve been loving my images that are featured in this blog post and are interested in having me photograph your baby, I’d absolutely love to get to know each other a little better and see if we’re the right fit.

Also, if you message me today, you’ll get a coupon for $100 off a newborn session, or $200 off a baby plan! There’s no obligation to book, simply use the coupon if you decide that I’m the best Indianapolis newborn photographer for you.

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