Boy has this autumn been generous to us! We keep having beautiful day after beautiful day. And it's been SO INCREDIBLY WARM. It's been hard for me to realize that it's not August anymore.

I met up with this bunch in downtown Indy at the Indiana War Memorial. We climbed the stairs, and then caught some of the beautiful late afternoon sun spilling over the buildings.

Miss Brooklyn wasn't totally feeling picture day (that being said, once we found some flowers to pick, she started loving it!). I know that can be frustrating for parents when they really, really just want a nice picture of everyone together. The good news is, I almost always get that picture. Even if I do have to do some magic behind the scenes in Photoshop to get everyone looking at the camera. And while I totally get wanting a happy, smiling portrait, I have to say, I'm huge fan of "stank face." I love all the candid expressions kids come up with, and how they wear their heart on their sleeves. Seeing their little personalities in pictures can be just as fun, if not more so, than a big smile. ;)


Hey, I'm Ashlee!

“Lauren” is actually just my middle name, because I have one of those weird last names that no one can actually pronounce. I’m pretty short. I can’t reach the top shelves ever. But I do my best to reach people’s hearts. I love photographing parents who are absolutely smitten over their new baby. I love watching that baby grow over the first year. I love all the goofy baby grins and silly faces. I love helping pregnant mommies find their inner goddess. I just love love. And cats. And cake. And lipstick… Don’t get me started about how much I love lipstick.

My goal is to not be just another newborn photographer or maternity photographer. I’m gonna be the person that makes you laugh and melts your heart, and makes your world that much better.

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