indianapolis family photographer | family photos at Fort Harrison State Park

Indianapolis photographer, photographing a family with two girls at Fort Harrison State Park

FORT HARRISON STATE PARK is a beautiful location to do family photos, and is a favorite spot for this Indianapolis family photographer!

"Fort Ben" as it is lovingly called by Indianapolis locals, is the only state park located in central Indiana. Originally created as a US Army post all the way back in 1903, it has since been redeveloped. It's easy to get to Lawrence Township where the park is located along Post Rd. It's a quick drive from any side of Indy. Getting a yearly pass is absolutely worth it. I'm at Fort Harrison often to do family photos, and the $50 pass paid for itself in just a few trips.

This park can create almost any type of backdrop for fall family photos.

The park is loaded with natural light -- no need to bring extra photography gear like off camera flash or reflectors. There are many types of wildflowers that grow at Fort Ben that change all through spring, summer and fall. There are woods and wide open fields. Cute little pathways and little nooks abound. You can easily find ways to make this location your own.

I also love Fort Harrison State Park because there are BATHROOMS EVERYWHERE. This is nice for me if I have several family photo sessions in one day, and SUPER nice for my clients. You know how it is. Kids always need a bathroom break at the most inconvenient times. It's also a nice perk when I have moms-to-be out at the park for maternity photos. That's another situation that might require frequent bathroom breaks! Not to mention clients can do an outfit change without the need for a pop up dressing room. The less photography gear I need to carry around, the better!! The bathrooms are well lit and well maintained.

And the park isn't just a great location for family photos. It's a wonderful place to spend the day! Revel in nature, hike the trails, have a cookout, and let your kids tucker themselves out on the playground. You can bring your dog too!

You can see why Fort Harrison State Park is so great for family photos. As an Indianapolis family photographer, I love it for its diversity. It allows me to create beautiful photographs for my clients. It's also a great place to go when I want to unwind and NOT be a photographer for a little while. I'm not really one for hiking. But the beauty of nature is balm to my soul. Definitely give Fort Ben a try -- you won't be disappointed!