I have one son; his name is Brantley Harold Eugene Wright and he is 20 months. Brantley is my world! I sleep and breathe him! I have never met a child so funny, happy, and intelligent! I think I am a pretty lucky mom because Brantley has slept about 12 hours a night since he was about 6 months old. He is an only child so he may be a tad bit spoiled but that's ok! He doesn't talk yet but he is sure to tell me what he wants by sign language. He doesn't know too much yet but we are in the works. He comes up and signs "more milk" and runs to the kitchen with his sippy! It's amazing to me how happy he is! He is always laughing even at himself in the mirror! I am probably being biased but I have one pretty amazing little boy! He loves everything about his mommy, toys, and all things boy!

When I found out I was pregnant of course I was a little shocked because it was not planned but I could not have been more excited. When I got to see his little heartbeat for the first time tears were flowing! Pregnancy for me was a breeze and couldn't have been any more smooth sailing!

I think being a mom has changed my whole perspective on life. Before I felt like I focused so much time and effort on work and friends and now that Brantley is here I want to spend every waking minute with him. I love to do things for other families or children that need assistance. I no longer can watch the news due to all the terrible things going on in this world. My heart breaks for all of those parents that have had something happen to their children. As Brantley gets older we are going to be involved with charity and giving his toys to children who need them so he understands how fortunate he is.

The best part about being a mom is waking up to my little man every morning and his reaching his little arms out of his crib with a big smile ready for his baba and cuddles right when he wakes up! The laughter and smiles and happiness he brings to me are out of this world!

The most challenging this is being a full time mom and full time store manager. Working so much in retail is a huge challenge on a daily basis. I work crazy hours and him having to be away from me so much is so hard.

I thought I would not know a thing about parenting. It's amazing that it just sort of is a natural instinct! I was terrified to leave the hospital in case something happened and couldn't just call a nurse into the room but it's been amazing and it helps that Brantley has been an angel baby.

Every step of them growing up is a wonderful thing but I am dreading him growing up! I want him to stay little forever so he can cuddle and love on momma and not get to the stage where he wants nothing to do with me.

My advice to moms would be to just soak in every minute you can because it goes way too fast! Also you may think you are not doing a great job all the time but you are!!

Dear my sweet little Brantley,

Mommy just wants you to know what a blessing you have been to my life. Every single day I wake up and wonder what fun activities we will get into today or what new thing you are going to learn. Watching you grow up has been such a great experience. Me being gone away at work all the time was just for us to have the little life that we both deserved so we could do fun things, go on trips, and have a meal on the table every night. Thanks for all the happiness you have brought me and the lessons I have learned alone the way.

PS your little baby curls were my favorite little detail about you!

Love, your mommy


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