So having Kalvin as my first pregnancy it was so very easy. I had no issue with the pregnancy. I never felt sick I sometimes even forgot I was pregnant! It was smooth -- an awesome experience. Then came our 1 st miscarriage -- so shocking and jarring -- it was very early right before our first doctor appointment. I felt sad and hurt and kind of like I did something wrong. But God brought us through. I ended up getting pregnant pretty fast after. D&C. We found out at 7 weeks I was pregnant again and were completely shocked, excited. Then at 19weeks I had a routine doctor appointment. I was fully dilated and wheeled to the hospital to be put on bed rest. I delivered my baby girl, CeCe, at 22 weeks. She needed just two more weeks to even have a chance at life. God had a different plan.

I am stronger because of my experience with CeCe. She made me stronger and made my faith even greater! We will see her again and I rejoice in knowing that!! I did have another miscarriage about a year after CeCe. I can't even begin to understand why we are going through this pain. I long for Kalvin to have a sibling he would be the best big brother. I have hope that this next pregnancy will be smooth and easy as we go through the ups and downs of emotions. God only knows how our family's story will turn out!

It all started with Kalvin's pregnancy when I missed my period. Took a test and there you have it. We told family right away. We were very excited and had no fears with the first pregnancy. Then, with our experience of loss, the next 4 pregnancies were full of emotion. We were scared and just hoping to get to the next milestone.

I didn't find out that Kalvin was a boy but my husband did and he kept it a secret that whole time. I didn't even know he knew!! It was a very easy pregnancy. Didn't even fell pregnant till the week I had him.


I was 37 weeks with Kalvin. I had a pretty long labor that ended up in an emergency C-section. Every part was very amazing. He was so little and cute like a curled up little ball. My heart was overwhelmed the first time I held him.

I was a wreck, however, when we brought him home. His dad though he was cool as can be. He calms me brings me back down to reality. He would stay up with Kalvin so I could get much needed rest. Kalvin started sleeping though the night early on, 8 weeks, as soon as your doctor said we could let him sleep. He was a very easy going baby. I was very blessed!

Being a mom, I have realized how impatient I am. Every day I'm learning how to slow down and rest easy. Not get uptight on the small things.

Learning from my son is the best thing about being a mom. He teaches me something almost everyday.

The hard part is not being able to just go out the door now!

What's gotten me though the hard times and struggles of motherhood is mostly my faith in Jesus. My husband also, he is awesome and his son is just like him!! Our family is a huge support, both sides, they love us and our son so much.

On this journey, I've been so surprised by how much I could love someone that little that can't even speak -- it still surprises me how much I can love when they can speak and don't say the nicest things!!! I still love it!

I wish I could hold on to his little voice, his hugs and kisses. He always says "can I hold you?" So I pick him up. Every time. It melts my heart!

I have no fears about the future. I have placed him in the arms of Jesus to protect him and love him when I cant. I want him to grow up into a man who is kind, loving, respectful, not afraid to try new things. I want him to follow his dreams and have the strength to follow through with them. We want Kal to grow up to respect others. We try and teach him that you don't get every thing you want. When he does something not in our favor there are consequences and we are diligent in following through.

This is a quote from my husband while I was in the hospital -- the doctors said I would give birth any day and I was there 3 weeks longer. They said medically speaking they had no idea why I was still pregnant. "The world (or you fill in the blank) says impossible. But God says I'M-possible." This brought me through the hard days. I encourage moms to remember that quote.

One of the cutest and funniest things about Kalvin is that he is whatever character he happens to be wearing on his shirt. One day he is woody, then buzz, and his favorite superman (with a cape). Hilarious!!!

I do believe moms have the power to change the world, in raising our children up to be better human beings.

I wouldn't change my mom story for anything!!


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