• You are already perfect because you were strong enough to get through pregnancy and then either push a watermelon out of your hoo-ha or go through major surgery (this is also a valid reason to have as many pictures of your kids taken as you want).
  • You are already perfect because you are doing this motherhood thing YOUR way. You're calling the shots, trusting your gut, and doing what you know you need to do for your kids. I support you in that, and I make no judgement about whatever you choose to do or to decline. You're acting out of love your kid, and that's THE BEST THING THERE IS. Period.
  • You are already perfect -- your kids will tell you. They haven't time to soak up all the messages of our culture about what a women "should" be, so they know real beauty when they see it. You are amazing to them. You provide for all their needs, both physical and emotional. You are their world. Photos of that bond between you and your kids is something absolutely stunning.
  • You are already perfect because you are so full of euphoric love (mixed in with all the daily chaos, of course) for your children. You know what I'm talking about. That love that started growing at the first positive test, that soared at the first kick, and exploded into a shimmering ecstasy the first time that baby was placed in your arms. And you deserve a reminder of that love to keep you sane when the kids are being little boogers. ;)
  • You are already perfect because motherhood is shaping you and helping you grow into yourself in a whole new way. You're becoming a better person. Finding out where to push harder and when to let go. Finding out how to create balance. Finding out that some things you used to spend a lot of time on aren't so meaningful anymore. You're being refined through the fire of little-to-no sleep, temper tantrums, and the dreaded unseen Stray Lego.
  • You are already perfect because you've got the art of snuggling and hugging down. The two most important "poses" a mom needs. Maybe you don't feel confident enough to get up and pop your hip (it does that enough when you get into bed at the end of a long day, amiright?) and strike a pose like you did pre-baby in your teens or 20s. Or maybe you were never that graceful in front of a camera and just feel awkward when staring down the barrel of lens. But guess what? That moment when you hold your baby on your lap, look into his eyes, and he grins back at you? You hold him and kiss the stop of his head? That's magical and that makes a damn good photo.
  • You are already perfect because even your own ideas of "perfection" are constantly changing. Like the pictures from a few years ago where you felt fat and self-conscious -- you look back on those and think: "I was absolutely fine -- why did I think I was fat...?" So who the heck knows where perfection is anyway? Just do what you want to do and enjoy it!

Enjoy snuggling those babies while they're little -- everyday you see a little more of the teenager, the adult, replacing more and more of the baby. Enjoy knowing that your kids will have documentation of those snuggles. Enjoy being near them, experiencing their energy, observing their little (big) personalities. Do it all at a PROJECT MOTHERHOOD session with me; where you can do no wrong, you kids are never too wild, you'll never be judged for what's in your diaper bag or how much dry shampoo is in your hair. I want to honor you, as you go through this amazing time, and document the heart and soul of it. So if you're feeling excited and intrigued (maybe even a little relieved), come on in and joint the fun! Or explore around a little more to read some of the other stories moms have shared or see what moms are saying about the project. You can always contact me as well, by email: ashlee@alaurenphoto.com or by phone: 260-418-1110. Feel free to leave a text!

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