INDIANAPOLIS PHOTOGRAPHY, BLOG, STUDIO, FAMILY, CHILDREN, NATURAL LIGHTindianapolis-photographer-blog-3indianapolis-photographer-blog-4Girls,Just a few words of advice from dear old Mom. Life is a wonderful, beautiful, and sometimes tragic event. Embrace it all. Learn from everything you do and everyone you meet. Have the courage to go after anything you want. Remember to love with your whole heart. Do nice things for others, trust me you will get the bigger reward in the end. Be kind to everyone, you don't know what they are carrying in their hearts. Have someone to talk to....each other, me, your dad, you significant other, your best friend...I don't care who it is. Be there for each other in good times and in bad. Don't let stuff get in the way. You are all special, talented and wonderful. You each have something important to give to this world. I know that everyday I am blessed to be your mom. Everyday I thank God that I was chosen to raise you three...I am the luckiest woman to have this opportunity. Love you all, Mama


What makes your girls so special and amazing? Brag away!! Georgia-she is so kind and in tune with her feelings and the feelings of others. She has an old soul. She is super smart. She seriously absorbs anything you tell her. She's hilarious. She's one of those kids who has never met a stranger.

Evelyn-is cautious and mischievous at the same time. She thinks everything is funny. She's LOUD. She likes order and for things to be a certain way. She's always willing to say she is sorry and give a big hug.

June-she is adventurous girl. She has no fear. She loves to hug and kiss. She runs everywhere!

Violet-my angel. She has taught me more about life than anyone. She changed for the better. She made me more compassionate, more forgiving, more caring and more loving. I changed for the better when she died. I learned that life is fragile and not to be taken for granted.

What was it like to find out your were pregnant? Georgia-excited....I was going to be a mom for the first time!

Violet-relieved...we had been trying for about a year with no luck.

Evelyn and had only been two months since Violet died. And then we found out it was twins at my 8 week ultrasound...that was an even bigger shaking and heavy breathing!

Describe how it felt the first time you held your child in your arms. Georgia-I couldn't believe how beautiful she was with her long dark hair. And reality set in, I was her mama. The love that I felt for her and my husband in that moment was overwhelming.

Violet-it was a hello and goodbye all at the same time. It was the most pain I have ever endured....not physical pain, but the pain of a broken heart.

Evelyn and June-Relief...they were here, they were alive. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was beyond thrilled to hold them in my arms.


What’s the best part about being a mom? The relationships that have formed in our family. I love to have time with my girls, but I also love to see them with each other. I hope that they grow up to be best friends. And also, there is a special thing about a Daddy and his girls. I am privileged to see how much my girls love their Daddy and how much he loves them.

What are your child-rearing philosophies? My husband and I have always said that we are bringing children into our world, they are not becoming our world. We try to hold onto that. We want them to know that while they are a HUGE part of our world, they are not all of it.

If you could give a word of advice or encouragement to other moms, what would it be? It's hard to be a mom. You have these little people that you are entrusted with raising. It's ok to ask for advice. It's ok to do things differently than your mom did them. Don't get caught up in keeping up with the mom down the street who seems to be able to do it all. You don't have to do it all. You might be happier NOT doing it all. Just make sure your kiddos are loved and cared for, that is most important.

Funny story you love to tell about you kids and will never stop telling, even when they’re old and it embarrasses them. When Georgia was 3, we were going on a trip to Alaska with my parents and my brother's family. We fly into the Denver airport for our first layover and as we are getting ready to depart our plane Georgia stands up on the seat and shouts out to the entire plane, because we were sitting in the front row, "WELCOME TO VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL! PRAISE GOD!"



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