indianapolis-family-photographer Describe how it felt the first time you held Jordan in your arms: I was not able to hold Jordan immediately after giving birth. The doctors whisked him away due to him being so premature. 4 hours after birth I was finally able to hold him in the NICU. The feeling was indescribable. There are no words. To look down and see a product of you in your arms is just so amazing!

How has being a mom changed you as a person? Being a mom has definitely taught me to be more patient. Patience was something that I always lacked. I was always in a rush to be somewhere or do something. Children are so inquisitive and that often requires every bit of patience that a parent may have.

What’s the best part about being Jordan's mom? Watching him grow! It seems like just yesterday he was my little 4 pound baby. It's awesome to see how much can change in so little time. They grow over night, they learn new things everyday and they develop the most amazing little personalities. I love being a witness to it! It's incredible how many memories have already been made in only 3 years!

What’s the most challenging thing? The most challenging thing is being a single parent. I've had some really tough moments, but I've also had an amazing support system. I have family and friends that are always there for me and Jordan!

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What has taken you by surprise about motherhood? What do you wish someone would have filled you in on beforehand? I wish someone had told me "Sharon, there is no right way to parent." As a new mom, you think that there's a book that tells you how to do everything, but there's not! Some of us even think that we have to do things the same way that our parents did things, but you don't! Parenting is different for every family. You don't have to mimic anyone else's parenting style. Just be yourself and figure out what works best for your family.

What do you most wish you could hold onto forever about Jordan being little? He is so attached to me! He still wants to sleep with me some nights, he wants to be where ever I am and he just adores his Mommy! I love it, but I know that will change soon. Especially since he's a boy!

What do you hope Jordan grows up to become? What type of humans are you trying to raise? I want to raise a respectful, intelligent, and God-fearing young man. I want him to be successful in all of his endeavors. I want him to always feel loved and supported by me. I will be happy as long as he is happy.

What are your child-rearing philosophies? I set rules and I expect my child to obey them, but I also understand that he is only a toddler. I discipline when necessary, but ultimately I want him to understand WHY his actions were wrong.

If you could give a word of advice or encouragement to other moms, what would it be? There's no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one!

Do you think moms have the power to change the world? If so, how? Mothers truly are an unstoppable force! We have given birth to the future doctors, lawyers, scientists, musicians and presidents of the world!!! If we can raise our children to be loving, respectful and the same inquisitive beings that they were as children then we can absolutely change the world