indianapolis-family-photographer What was it like to find out your were pregnant? Well when I pregnant with Easton I was nervous. I was a freshman in college, a little unsure of what the future would hold but looking forward to becoming a mother. With Beckham we were trying for another and to find out I was pregnant was a joy and I was excited for the journey again. Norah was our surprise. I found out I was pregnant 20 weeks along.

Describe how it felt the first time you held your children in your arms. Holding a new child is simply breath taking, it was the most amazing experience ever. The whole world seems to stop and they become your main focus. Easton came out with his cord wrapped around his neck and needed a couple minutes to really get going so I did not get to hold him right away, but when I did the tears just streamed down my face of pure amazement. Beckham was placed on my chest and I just kissed him and was in awe of the new life in front of me. Norah was my first unmedicated birth so the experience was so different and just beautiful.

How has being a mom changed you as a person? Being a mom has been the most life changing event in my life, my world no longer revolves around me and the focus is always on them and their happiness while trying my best to not lose myself in the mix. Because as the end of the day they will grow up and leave the nest.

What’s the most challenging thing? The most challenging thing about being a mother is the late nights and sick moments when they cant express what is wrong or why they are hurting. Seeing one of your children in pain, even if another one of your children caused it, is so challenging.

What has taken you by surprise about motherhood? What do you wish someone would have filled you in on beforehand? The thing that has taken me by surprise is the strength I have to carry on through the bad days and always striving to make the day better. And that my children go to bed every night knowing I love them and support their dreams. I wish someone would have told me how it truly does take a village to raise a child. Having an amazing support system behind me is what gets me through.

What do you most wish you could hold onto forever about your kids being little? I wish I could hold onto their innocence and their desire to learn and please. I love the newborn snuggles but the curiosity and exploring is my favorite stage.

What do you hope your children grow up to become? What type of humans are you trying to raise? I hope my children become whatever makes them happy and that they always have a desire to better themselves and try their personal best. I desire them to go to college and have families of their own someday but as far as specifics I believe that is truly up to them

motherhood facebookWhat are your child-rearing philosophies? I would say I am a very laid back, go with the flow mom, I try to let them explore and discover the world at their own pace. I think that each mother comes up with her own style of parenting and there is no exact way to raise their child. My goals for each of my children is different, because they are different. What works for Easton as punishment or reward does not work for Beckham because he does not have the eager to please like Easton does and so far the same has proved for Norah.

If you could give a word of advice or encouragement to other moms, what would it be? A word of advice to other mothers would to not be too hard on yourself and to know it is okay to take a break. I am forever being hard on myself about I yelled more then I should or I should have read that extra story at bedtime, and I need to just let it be and know I did my best that day.

Funny story you love to tell about you kids and will never stop telling, even when they’re old and it embarrasses them: Easton has a lot more funny stories as I feel they come with age. He is forever doing a booty dance though that always puts a smile on my face. Beckham for being my stubborn hard headed brave outdoorsy child has never been taken to the emergency room like the other two. I do not know how, as he is forever climbing and getting into things, playing in the dirt.

Norah funny story is just not knowing I was pregnant for 20 weeks, I was like this can't be its my third child!  There is no way. But sure enough we found out around Thanksgiving, told everyone at Christmas, and had Norah in April. I would not have it any other way.

Do you think moms have the power to change the world? If so, how? Moms can change the world because we are raising the future, if we teach our children to dream. Our children learn from us mothers. It is all about the way we teach them to respect others and expect big things from life.

Anything else? Just hang in there through the hard phase because there will always be another phase. First its "I cant wait for them to be here," then "I am so done with being pregnant," and then on to sleeping through the night and teething and making friends and school. Enjoy the small phases in your child's life because put together they make the big picture we call motherhood.