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indianapolis family photographer photographs a mom and daughterWhat makes Brooklyn so special and amazing? Brag away!!
Brooklyn is hilarious! She is always make me laugh with her adorable baby (or I guess toddler now -- ahh!) antics. She LOVES music and I can help but smile when she starts to dance or bob her head when she hears anything from a TV theme song to some bass pounding in a car driving by. She is also incredibly smart. We are teaching her sign language to help her communicate while she is learning to speak. So far she will sign: milk, eat, more, daddy and all done.


What was it like to find out your were pregnant?
Finding out I was pregnant was one of the best moments of my life! We had JUST decided we were ready a few weeks prior...and I remember having a little more "attitude" than usual for a few days in a row. My husband said he just *knew* that I was pregnant, so off we went to get a test. I remember being so embarrassed at the store that I left and made him buy it. The test was positive so I sent him out to get one of the expensive ones to confirm. Once I took TWO tests, we took the obligatory "selfie" with the tests and started planning how we would tell out family members and friends.


Describe how it felt the first time you held her in your arms:
I felt a huge sense of love and accomplishment! I birthed a 9lb 4oz baby with no epidural! I remember looking at my brand new baby and telling her over and over that she did so good -- I suppose being born is hard work too! ;) I was so darn happy to finally hold that little girl!


How has being a mom changed you as a person?
Motherhood has tapped into some kind of patience reserve that I must have been storing up my whole life. I've also been MUCH more aware of how I live my life -- how I treat people, animals, the environment and myself. I really just want to set the best example I can!

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What do you most wish you could hold onto forever about your Brooklyn being little?
The cuddles. Oh. My. Goodness. THE CUDDLES! They are THE SWEETEST thing in the world!


What do you hope Brooklyn grows up to become? What type of human are you trying to raise?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with [her] God. -Micah 6:8


What are your child-rearing philosophies?
I'm a super 'attached' parent. I think being in harmony with your baby is SUPER important -- that is why we are a proud co-sleeping, baby-wearing and (full-term) breastfeeding family! I also think children should be treated like people and not tiny inconveniences that need to be trained -- they have rights and feelings too! :)


If you could give a word of advice or encouragement to other moms, what would it be?
Follow your instincts (they are there for a reason) and do your research! Just because some family member, internet article, book or blog post says you should do something a certain way does not mean it is automatically right for you and your baby! Also, find a group of like-minded moms to lean on -- they will remind you that you are not alone...and they will help keep you sane when life gets crazy! :)

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