Moms in Indianapolis are invited to take part in a special motherhood photography project. Here, a mom talks about how irreplacible her one year old daughter is. Quote about moms and motherhood. A beautiful summer afternoon was the setting for my very first mommy and me session, as part of my PROJECT MOTHERHOOD adventure. Golden sun, an adorable baby full of precious rolls and tons of smiles, plus a beautiful momma made the evening a dream. And how lovely is that quote from Adalyn's mom? I suggest, if you plan on following this project even just a little, you keep plenty of tissues on hand. ;) More from Adalyn and Jordyn's session is soon to follow.


I'm on a mission to photograph the special relationship between moms and their children, all while finding out more from moms about everything motherhood. I believe that moms are doing a tremendously important job that deserves to be celebrated. I want to bring together the stories of moms from Indianapolis with this project, to create a stunning kaleidoscope of perspectives to inspire and encourage. If this makes you say "aww!!" and you'd like to be a part of the project, you can find out more right here: INDIANAPOLIS PROJECT MOTHERHOOD